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Chainsaw Man Chapter 98 – Join The Adventure!

In the thrilling world of manga, “Chainsaw Man” has captured the hearts of readers with its intense action, intriguing plot, and unforgettable characters. 

As we eagerly await the release of Chapter 98, the anticipation and excitement among fans are at an all-time high. In this article, we will delve into the captivating world of “Chainsaw Man” and explore what might be in store for us in the highly anticipated Chapter 98.

Overview of Chainsaw Man:

“Chainsaw Man,” created by Tatsuki Fujimoto, is a dark fantasy manga that follows the story of Denji, a young demon hunter who becomes a devil himself after a tragic encounter.

Overview of Chainsaw Man
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Fused with the powerful Chainsaw Devil, Denji takes on the responsibility of hunting down devils to repay his debt and achieve his dream of a simple, happy life.

Chapter 97 Recap:

Before diving into the possible events of Chapter 98, let’s take a brief look at what happened in the previous chapter. In Chapter 97, Denji and his allies confront an onslaught of deadly fiends threatening the safety of the people. 

Denji’s determination and unwavering resolve shine through as he fights fearlessly to protect those he cares about.

The Clash of Titans – Denji vs. Makima:

Denji’s Growing Power:

In Chapter 97, readers witnessed Denji’s growth as a character and his strengthening powers. The bond between Denji and his devil, Pochita, grows even stronger, allowing him to tap into unimaginable strength. 

Denji's Growing Power
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As Chapter 98 approaches, fans eagerly anticipate how Denji will utilize his newfound powers in his ongoing battle against the diabolical Makima.

Makima’s Sinister Plan Unveiled:

Makima, the enigmatic and cunning antagonist, has been the source of countless mysteries throughout the series. Chapter 97 provided some insight into her sinister plans, leaving readers with more questions than answers. 

With Chapter 98 on the horizon, we hope to learn more about Makima’s motivations and the extent of her manipulative tactics.

The Fate of Supporting Characters:

Aki’s Redemption:

Throughout “Chainsaw Man,” Aki has been a complex character haunted by personal demons. In Chapter 97, Aki’s actions took a surprising turn, leaving readers wondering about his future in the story. 

Will Aki find redemption and solace in Chapter 98, or will his path take an even darker turn?

Power’s Resolve:

As a devil herself, Power’s loyalty and friendship with Denji have been a compelling aspect of the series. Chapter 97 hints at Power’s inner struggles, raising questions about her role in the upcoming chapters. 

Will Power remain a steadfast ally, or will she face internal conflicts that may sway her allegiance?

The Unraveling of Dark Secrets:

The Unraveling of Dark Secrets
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The Truth Behind Devil Hunters:

As the world of “Chainsaw Man” expands, so does the mystery surrounding devil hunters and their ultimate purpose. Chapter 98 may offer more insights into the secrets behind this clandestine organization and its connection to the devil-human dynamics.

The Past Unearthed:

The past is a driving force in “Chainsaw Man,” shaping the present and future of its characters. Chapter 98 could potentially shed light on Denji’s and Makima’s pasts, revealing key elements that contribute to their current conflict.

Speculations and Fan Theories:

Denji’s Sacrifice:

One prevalent fan theory revolves around Denji making the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good. Will Chapter 98 see Denji facing a life-altering decision that could change the course of the entire series?

Makima’s Endgame:

Makima’s true intentions have been a source of speculation among fans. With the events of Chapter 97 setting the stage for a climactic showdown, readers eagerly await what the future holds for this enigmatic character.

The Influence of “Chainsaw Man” on the Manga Industry and Fandom:

“Chainsaw Man” has not only captured the hearts of its readers but has also left a significant impact on the manga industry and the larger fandom. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s unique storytelling, coupled with the mesmerizing art, has garnered praise and recognition from critics and fans alike.

Redefining Dark Fantasy Manga:

One of the key aspects that set “Chainsaw Man” apart from other manga is its ability to redefine the dark fantasy genre. The manga masterfully weaves elements of horror, action, and emotional depth, creating a captivating and immersive experience for its readers. 

Redefining Dark Fantasy Manga
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Its success has inspired other mangaka to explore unconventional and darker themes within their own works.


As the anticipation for “Chainsaw Man” Chapter 98 reaches its peak, fans are eagerly awaiting the next installment in this gripping dark fantasy manga. Chapter 97 showcased Denji’s growth and newfound power, while also unraveling some of Makima’s sinister plans. 

The fate of supporting characters like Aki and Power remains uncertain, adding to the intrigue. Readers hope to discover more about the truth behind devil hunters and the pasts of Denji and Makima. 

Speculations and fan theories abound, with the possibility of Denji making a life-altering sacrifice and a climactic showdown with Makima. With so many questions and mysteries yet to be unveiled, the upcoming chapter promises to be an intense and unforgettable experience for fans of “Chainsaw Man.”


1. What happened in Chapter 97 of “Chainsaw Man”?

In Chapter 97, Denji and his allies fought deadly fiends to protect people. Denji’s powers grew stronger, and Makima’s sinister plan was hinted at.

2. Will Denji’s newfound powers help him defeat Makima?

Denji’s growing powers will play a crucial role in his ongoing battle against Makima, the cunning antagonist.

3. What will happen to Aki in Chapter 98?

Aki’s actions took a surprising turn, leaving his fate uncertain. Chapter 98 may reveal whether he finds redemption or faces darker consequences.

4. What are some speculations about Denji’s future?

Fans speculate that Denji might face a life-altering decision or make a sacrifice for the greater good in the upcoming chapters.

5. What secrets may be unveiled in Chapter 98?

Chapter 98 could potentially reveal more about the truth behind devil hunters and the pasts of Denji and Makima.

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