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What Is Mango Outlet? – exclusive guide

Mango was established in 1984 by Isak Andic and his brother Nahman Andic, who were Sephardic Jewish immigrants from Turkey. The company’s website was launched in 1995, marking its entry into the online sphere.

In 2000, Mango further expanded its digital presence by opening its first online store. In 2008, the brand introduced a dedicated men’s line called H. E. by Mango, which was later rebranded as Mango Man in 2014.

Understanding about mango outlet:

Mango Outlet is a distinct retail concept that provides customers with an opportunity to access discounted fashion items from previous seasons. It is a subsidiary brand of Mango, a renowned international fashion retailer.

Understanding about mango outlet
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The primary objective of Mango Outlet is to offer affordable fashion choices to a wide range of customers. By offering discounted merchandise from previous collections, Mango Outlet allows fashion enthusiasts to enjoy stylish clothing and accessories at more accessible prices.

Mango Outlet operates as a complementary shopping experience to regular Mango stores. While regular Mango stores focus on current collections, Mango Outlet caters to customers who appreciate the value of purchasing past-season pieces at reduced prices.

It provides an avenue for Mango to clear out excess inventory and make room for new arrivals. The collections at Mango Outlet encompass a diverse range of products, including clothing, footwear, and accessories.

Customers can expect to find a variety of styles, sizes, and designs, ensuring that there is something for everyone’s preferences. The availability of discounted items at Mango Outlet makes it an attractive destination for bargain hunters, students, and individuals with a limited budget.

Purpose of Mango Outlet:

The primary purpose of Mango Outlet is to offer customers access to affordable fashion choices from previous collections. It allows Mango to clear out excess inventory and make way for new arrivals in their regular stores.

By providing discounted merchandise, Mango Outlet attracts a wide range of customers who seek fashionable clothing at a more accessible price point.

History and Evolution:

Mango Outlet was launched as a separate concept in response to the growing demand for discounted fashion. Since its inception, it has expanded its presence both in physical stores and online platforms.

Over the years, Mango Outlet has gained popularity for its affordable and stylish offerings, making it a go-to destination for fashion-conscious individuals seeking value for their money.

Positioning in the Market of what is mango outlet:

Mango Outlet occupies a unique position in the retail market by offering discounted fashion items without compromising on quality and style.

Positioning In The Market Of What Is Mango Outlet
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While regular Mango stores focus on current collections, Mango Outlet caters to customers who appreciate the opportunity to purchase past-season pieces at a lower price.

It serves as a complementary shopping experience for those seeking budget-friendly fashion options without sacrificing trends and design.

Target Audience:

The target audience of Mango Outlet encompasses a diverse range of customers. It appeals to fashion enthusiasts who appreciate high-quality garments at affordable prices. Students, bargain hunters, and individuals with a limited budget also find Mango Outlet appealing.

The brand’s wide range of sizes and styles ensures that there is something for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or personal fashion preferences.

Mango Outlet Collections:

Mango Outlet offers a diverse range of collections that encompass various fashion items, allowing customers to explore discounted options from past seasons. The collections available at Mango Outlet include clothing, footwear, and accessories, catering to different styles and preferences.

Mango Outlet Collection
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The clothing collection at Mango Outlet features a wide selection of garments for both men and women. Customers can discover discounted tops, dresses, shirts, trousers, skirts, jackets, and more.

The collection includes pieces suitable for various occasions, ranging from casual wear to formal attire.


Mango Outlet also offers discounted footwear options, allowing prices. It is worth noting that the availability of specific items and sizes may vary depending on the store location and online platform.

However, Mango Outlet strives to ensure a diverse selection of fashion items, allowing customers to explore and find discounted pieces that suit their individual preferences.

Customers to complete their outfits with stylish shoes. The footwear collection includes discounted boots, heels, flats, sneakers, and sandals, providing choices for different seasons and tastes.


Complementing the clothing and footwear collections, Mango Outlet provides a range of discounted accessories. Customers can find accessories such as handbags, belts, scarves, jewelry, and sunglasses, allowing them to add finishing touches to their outfits at affordable prices.

Mango Outlet collections feature a blend of timeless classics and trendy pieces from         previous seasons. The discounted nature of the items provides an opportunity for customers to experiment with their style or find wardrobe staples at more accessible Shopping experience at mango.


The shopping experience at Mango Outlet is designed to provide customers with an enjoyable and satisfying time while exploring discounted fashion items. From the store atmosphere to customer service, Mango Outlet strives to create a positive and convenient shopping environment.

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Store Atmosphere and Design:

Mango Outlet stores are thoughtfully designed to offer a welcoming and visually appealing ambiance. The layout of the store is organized, making it easy for customers to navigate and explore the various sections.

The display of merchandise is attractive, showcasing the discounted items in an enticing manner. The overall atmosphere aims to create a pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience.

Customer Service:

Mango Outlet places importance on providing excellent customer service. The staff is trained to assist customers with any inquiries or help they may need during their shopping journey.

Whether it’s finding the right size, suggesting outfit combinations, or providing information about promotions, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Mango Outlet is dedicated to ensuring a positive customer experience.

Return and Exchange Policies:

Mango Outlet has clear and customer-friendly return and exchange policies. In case customers need to return or exchange an item, the policies are designed to make the process smooth and hassle-free.

It provides customers with the flexibility to rectify any issues or make changes if necessary. Mango Outlet aims to make the shopping experience convenient and enjoyable for customers.

Whether visiting a physical store or shopping online, the brand strives to provide a seamless experience. Customers can explore the wide range of discounted fashion items, take advantage of affordable prices, and receive assistance from the helpful staff.

Overall, the shopping experience at Mango Outlet focuses on creating a pleasant and satisfying journey for customers, ensuring that they find value, convenience, and stylish options while shopping for discounted fashion items.

Comparison with regular mango stores:

Mango Outlet and regular Mango stores differ in various aspects, including product offerings, pricing, and the overall shopping experience. Here is a comparison between the two:

Product Offerings:

Regular Mango stores primarily focus on the current season’s collections, featuring the latest fashion trends and styles. On the other hand, Mango Outlet offers discounted items from previous seasons.

While regular Mango stores offer a wider selection of new and current items, Mango Outlet provides an opportunity for customers to find fashionable pieces at reduced prices from past collections.

Pricing and Discounts:

One of the significant differences between Mango Outlet and regular Mango stores is the pricing. Mango Outlet offers discounted prices on its merchandise, making it more affordable compared to regular Mango stores.

The discounted items at Mango Outlet allow customers to enjoy fashionable clothing and accessories at a lower cost, catering to those who seek budget-friendly options.

Shopping Experience:

The shopping experience at regular Mango stores often focuses on the latest fashion trends, creating a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere. These stores are designed to showcase the newest collections and provide a more curated experience.

On the other hand, Mango Outlet stores have a different ambiance, often focusing on offering a wide range of discounted items in a more relaxed environment. The emphasis is more on finding great deals and exploring past-season pieces.


Regular Mango stores usually have a broader presence in terms of physical locations, with multiple stores in various cities.

Mango Outlet stores may have a more limited number of locations, but they also offer online shopping options, allowing customers to access discounted items from anywhere.


Mango Outlet provides an enticing opportunity for fashion-conscious individuals to access discounted fashion items from past seasons. With its distinct retail concept, Mango Outlet offers an alternative shopping experience to regular Mango stores.

The availability of discounted merchandise allows customers to explore stylish clothing, footwear, and accessories at more affordable prices.

The success of Mango Outlet lies in its ability to cater to a diverse range of customers, including bargain hunters, students, and individuals with a limited budget.

By offering discounted items without compromising on quality and style, Mango Outlet has gained popularity as a go-to destination for those seeking value in their fashion purchases.

Furthermore, the online platform of Mango Outlet extends accessibility, allowing customers to shop conveniently from anywhere. The brand’s clear return and exchange policies add to the customer-centric approach, providing flexibility and ease of mind.


1. Is mango outlet is a part of mango?

Yes, Mango Outlet is a subsidiary brand of Mango. While Mango focuses on offering current season collections in their regular stores, Mango Outlet specializes in providing discounted fashion items from previous seasons.

Both brands are under the Mango company umbrella but serve different segments of customers with their distinct retail concepts.

Q2.what is the name of the owner of the mango store?

Isak Andic Ermay, born in 1953, is a Spanish billionaire businessman. He is widely recognized as the founder and largest shareholder of Mango, a prominent clothing retail chain.

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